Design consultancy

Belt Generators ApS offers consultance on multipole direct drive generators and motors with permanent magnets for wind turbines, azipods, hydro generators and other applications.

The mission is improve the business case for our customers by improving the efficiency and by bringing down cost and weight considerably with improved performance and simple construction including lean manufacturing, assembly and transportation.

Strategical services:

- Contact to sub-suppliers of parts

- Market opportunity survey

- Mechanical integration in the nacelle

- Cost analyses and benchmark for direct drive                           generators including cost target per torque unit

- Service cost for geared and direct drive trains in a life time cycle

- New materials for lamination, windings and permanent magnets


-  High efficiency

-  Larger torque density

-  Less top head mass

-  Access to partnership expertise in mechanics etc.

-  Access to sub-suppliers for essential parts  

-  Access to a large network

-  License for IPR for key elements in the design

-  Lower cost by use of new but welknown design principle