Design, construction and test of a 25 kW direct drive generator as demonstrator          1994 - 1999

Introduction of direct drive generators to Bonus Energy now Siemens Wind Power     1999 – 2004

Specification and development of a medium speed PM generator for Gamesa                2004 – 2010

Survey of direct drive generators including aspects for superconductors, Envision        2011 - 2014

New classic coil principle introduced with patent application                                              2015 - 2016

Off-shore engineering at Siemens Wind Power, Galloper project                                        2016

Direct drive generator design for XEMC-Darwind                                                                  2017

Goldwind and R&D A/S. Cooperation with Tech Invent A/S for 10 MW design              2018

Motor/generator design at R&D A/S for a 25 MW design, outer diameter 15 m              2019 - 2020

Analyses of a 30 kW generator for EC Power                                                                            2022

25 kW demonstrator and scale model designed and constructed in 1994 and became the basic for the later activities.

Prior to that Professor Ulrik Krabbe designed the first permanent magnet generator at DTU in 1980. Dr. Krabbe contributed also to this design.

The generator was tested by Risø National Laboratorium now DTU. See the test paper published at an AWEA conference:

Direct drive generators have been manufactured in more

than 100 years. This generator at Tange hydro

power station  is from 1921 manufactured by Thrige in Odense.