A new development is prepared for a HVDC transformer to feed energi from the wind turbine into a HVDC grid on offshore installation. The development is done in cooperation with an university and a converter company. A wind turbine OEM is welcome as well.

A 30 kW permanent magnet generator has been analyzed for a customer for improvements.

Development of a transformer for wind turbine supply of direct current into a HVDC grid is planned for offshore for installation in the wind turbines. 

The 10 MW design has been improved to a high efficiency at the whole torque range >98%. The choice of material is widen to include aluminum to the coils, ferrite permanent magnets and special high grade lamination. The default materials are neodynium magnets and copper wire, which are subject to cost fluctuations for the raw materials this year. 


A new brochure has been published and is available on request.

Analyses are in progress for improvement of the 10 MW design, first of all to achive a high efficiency at a marginal extra cost. It enables to reduce the number of turbines with 2-3 turbines in an offshore park with 100 units and still have the same annual energy production. A presentation is available on request.

See the photo of the 25 MW motor at Odense Port, Lindø.



The consultancy for R&D A/S has ended by January 31 after 12 months with the 25 MW motor design based on the 10 MW design from 2018. See R&D A/S

Belt Generators takes up the 10 MW generator development from 2018 again with cost effective parts as aluminum winding and ferrite magnets and other innovative developments.


A new 10 MW second generation design is developed and was finished in January 2019. The design is modular and made in sections for logistic purposes. Both magnetical, thermal and mechanical issues are handled in the new lean design. The design is a traditional 2nd generation construction having radial air gap, concentrated coils and permanent magnetization. Cooling is provided by forced air combined with surface cooling to ambient air. Both inner and outer rotors are handled. Essential IPR details are patent pending.

The design is modular with segmentation, so that the generator parts are easy transportable in containers from various sub-suppliers to assembly sites at harbors for shipping out on vessels. Furthermore the stator segments fit into most existing VPI tanks.

The efficiency is high at rated power with 95% and higher at partial loads.

The design is scale-able to other power and torque ratings. More converter units are connected independently and be switched off, when faulted without reduction of power for the other units

The objective of the new development is to create a simple, lean, reliable and cost effective design.

The presentation is available here: